Screen Doors In Brisbane: Considerations

Most homeowners want to add functionality to their homes, and one way to do that is to add screen doors in Brisbane. You can install these screens on both entry points, which allows you to leave the door open to attract the breeze. If you choose a product designed for security, it’s likely to have a locking mechanism that can be engaged while the front door is opened. That way, you can still have the breeze and sunlight without fear that someone will come into your home uninvited.

Screen doors in Brisbane can help you save money on electricity. Turning on the lights and using the air conditioning costs a lot (and the cost continues to rise). If you open the doors and windows, you get the benefit of natural sunlight, but you also create a cross breeze throughout the house. Australia has many windy days, which means you can cool your house and keep it comfortable without turning on the a/c. You can also worry less about bugs and insects while having the house open. Bugs can’t get through the high-tension mesh, so you are free from mosquitos, bees, flies, and other pests.

CommandeX offers a variety of screen doors in Brisbane. With its highly tensioned mesh and no mid rails to block your view, you’ll have a beautiful screen system that looks like any other. However, thieves can’t cut or kick down the screen, which makes it more durable and suitable for security purposes. You can find two options available, each with its pros and cons. Those who want a built-in three-point locking system may want to consider Eclipx, though an aluminium version (Xceed) is also available. Both options are suitable for a variety of homes and needs, but you can talk to a friendly staff member if you aren’t sure which one to choose.

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