Security Door: Why Install One

A security door is usually considered to be a steel door that’s reinforced. While most people focus on the entry door, the screen or storm door can also be more secure. The doorways are considered the weakest points of your house because it is the first place that most would-be thieves try. Therefore, you must deter them at all costs. While some homeowners think they need unsightly bars on the outside to warn intruders away, you can have something that looks aesthetically pleasing and won’t allow for jemmying and break-ins.

A security door can also help you maintain privacy. If you like to leave the heavy, wooden door open to attract the breeze and sunlight, you don’t want people to see inside your house. The mesh screening system is designed so that you can see outside easily while making it harder for people to see inside. Unless they’re standing on the welcome mat, they’re not likely to see what’s going on. Plus, these doors can also prevent insects from getting inside. You still attract the breeze and natural light without having mosquitos, bees, flies, and all the other uninvited guests that usually come around toward spring and summer.

SP Screens has a variety of products designed to keep your home more secure. The security door option is manufactured by EclipX and uses the highest-grade marine-grade stainless steel. While it costs a bit more than the 304 stainless steel, it’s also stronger and more durable. It’s also more suitable for salty and humid climates, making it perfect for Australians living on or near the coast. You don’t have to worry about the screen rusting with time, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your home is protected from intrusion. These doors have also been tested for a variety of intrusion techniques, including knife shearSP Screensing, pulls, and jemmying.

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