How To Use Your Spill Kit

While the first step is to purchase a spill kit and keep in readily available, that’s not the only thing you have to consider. During an emergency when spillage occurs, you need to be prepared to use it and know what to do. While you can find companies who will train you and others on how to use them and should utilise such education, it can still be essential to know what to do.

The first step is to prepare for spills before they occur. You’ll reduce your damages and injuries by having a spill kit handy. You should also determine which kits are most appropriate. General-purpose options work for almost anything while oil/fuel kits are best for petrol and diesel fuels, as well as lubricating oils.

You should ensure that you have an inventory of your liquids that includes where they are and how much is there. Read through all the instruction that came with the kits and make sure you understand them. You may also want to have drills where the employees react to mock spills, ensuring that you are prepared and ready. Then, you can easily determine where improvements are needed.

At EcoSpill, they not only sell the kits you need to clean up spills, but they will also train you on how to use them and keep track of inventory for you. For example, if you use some of the absorbents or all of them, you will need to replace what you’ve used. They can schedule periodic visits to your location to check everything and ensure that you’re set in case of spillage. Plus, you can call them to purchase more whenever it’s necessary. Using your spill kit is just as important as the type you buy, so it makes sense that everyone is adequately trained.

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