Doorknobs: The Perfect Accessory To Add Character To Your Space

If you’ve noticed that the excitement and buzz you used to get from your home is gone, it could be time to make a change. While most people focus on the bigger items, such as new appliances, cabinet refacing and the like, a simple change, such as the doorknobs you currently use, could make a big difference without breaking the bank. An excellent way to add character to your home is to search for new doorknobs. You can find antiques, antique-style, and more options, all making it easy to change things up without costing a lot.


It’s nearly impossible to consider every single doorknob style in the world, as there are thousands of options. You can choose ornamental versions with beautiful designs and finishes. For example, glass options are extremely popular, especially if they have a touch of silver or another colour in the centre of the piece.

Likewise, you can find metal bases that have been tarnished to show the passage of time, making for an eye-catching piece for any décor.

Other options can include ceramic, metal, and others. Likewise, they can have details carved into them or painted on them, making any preferences and home décor easy to match.

Also, you can find modern styles with sleek designs, brushed or polished finishes, traditional versions that have a subdued look, and art deco options that have a traditional or colonial feel.

Where To Go/What To Do

Primarily, the best place to search is online because you’ve got many more options available to you. Once you’ve found something you like, it may be helpful to call on a professional like Think Pink Handyman Services. They’ll be able to offer advice and tell you if the doorknob you’ve selected will work well in the area you hope it to be. Then, they can even install it for you.

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