Choose A King-Size Bed – Sleep As Royalty Do

A king-size bed is usually more spacious than other options, which means you have more room to stretch out and get comfortable. Plus, if you sleep with a partner, you will each have plenty of room and may not have to touch. Many people find that their partner is too hot to sleep next to, but with a larger mattress from Save a Lot Beds, you won’t have to worry.

Different Options

While you may think that a King-size bed is the ultimate in size, you do have two options. The standard King is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. However, there is also a thing called a California King, which is 72 inches wide but 84 inches long. Therefore, those people who are taller may find it more suitable to choose a Cal-King rather than a traditional one, if available in your area. Most people are happy with the standard version because they want more width than length.


It’s essential, no matter which brand or options you choose, that you select the highest-quality options. Mattresses can become expensive, especially when you need the larger versions. However, it’s still best to choose the best quality for the budget you have available. Economy versions can seem like a good deal, but they may wear more quickly or may not be suitable for your body.

One way around this is to visit stores or go online when there is a sale, ensuring that you get a name brand you’re familiar with for a lower price.


A King-size bed doesn’t just mean that you have one option. You can find pocket spring systems, continuous coil systems, memory foam, and so many others, all available in the size you need. Therefore, you can be comfortable and stick with what you know, just in a larger size.
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