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Consider Deck Oiling To Help Restore The Beauty Of Your Wooden Deck

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Deck Builder

Wood decks can deteriorate quickly, especially if left to nature. You want to keep that clean, shining surface you admired when the deck was new, instead of having a dingy, grey, mildewy eyesore. In most cases, you will notice something amiss early enough to restore the beauty without having to replace the entire deck. While you can choose to do it yourself, it may be beneficial to seek the professional help of Deck Seal Revival.

Dry Rot/Repairs

The first step is to look for dry rot, which is a fungus that forms when the wood has moisture and usually occurs most in places without sunlight. It can destroy the timber integrity, which could ultimately lead to structural failure. Therefore, you must look for it and handle any repairs before you can use deck oiling to restore your deck’s natural beauty.


The next step, on the road to restoration, is to clean the surface of the deck thoroughly. Professionals can do this for you. If the deck wasn’t treated properly, it could turn grey. However, sealants must be used periodically to ensure that the wood remains beautiful. If you have noticed a greyness or less shine, it may be time to consider a restoration process. The deck can be cleaned with a garden hose, but should never be cleaned with a pressure washer.

Make sure to get in between the board cracks and ensure that water can drain away appropriately. Professionals will use products designed to clean wood.


Deck oiling is the next step to restoration. Some people get confused about oiling because you shouldn’t use oil. It’s best to choose a high-performance water-based oil that ensures a long-lasting finish. Likewise, it will enhance the timber characteristics without peeling, blistering or cracks.

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