Dental Implants In Penrith: Benefits

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Dental Care

If you’re worried about your missing teeth, it is likely that someone has pointed it out to you or that you notice it when you smile in front of a mirror. While it can be embarrassing to know that you have missing teeth, you shouldn’t let it affect your life.

It’s easy to hide your smile or refuse to smile and show teeth in public, but dental implants in Penrith can prevent both of these issues. When the procedure is complete, you have what appears to be a healthy row of teeth once more, and no one will notice that one or more of them are fake (a crown).

Dental implants in Penrith aren’t just about looks, though they can improve your smile. They also prevent bone loss. If you don’t have a tooth (and more importantly, a root), there is no stimulation for the jaw bone. Therefore, it can deteriorate, which means you lose some bone. Of course, it’s not much, and it would take years or decades to notice the issue, but you can lose up to 25 percent of your bone during the first year of tooth loss. If you have multiple missing teeth, it can lead to a sunken appearance.

No Gap Dental offers many treatment options for its patients. Whether you want a routine cleaning to help protect your teeth from decay and loss or you’re already experiencing issues, the dentists here can help you. You always get a titanium post, which is permanently placed in the jawbone. Once it heals, a crown is put over the top, which looks like a natural tooth. You get something more stable than dentures and bridges that can last a lifetime if cared for correctly. You can always request a consultation if you have missing teeth and want to consider a permanent solution.

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