Diesel Fuel Injectors in Queensland: Considerations

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Diesel Engine Service

Most people don’t realize it, but diesel fuel injectors in Queensland are a possibility. The injection process is a bit different on diesel engines than with petrol-fuelled engines, but it is still there. With most cars, a port injection or carburettor are used. You’ll find that the port injection system works to inject the fuel right before the intake stroke. Carburettors mix air and fuel before any air gets into the cylinder. Therefore, the fuel gets loaded during the intake stroke and is then compressed. Its compression must be exact, or else the fuel and air mixture could ignite spontaneously and cause a knocking sound in the engine. This can cause significant damage.

However, diesel fuel injectors in Queensland work differently. They use the direct injection method, so the fuel is put right into the cylinder. This is also one of the most complex components in a diesel engine. Because it has to withstand high pressure and temperature inside the cylinder, diesels may have to use special chambers and valves. These will work to swirl the air around inside the combustion chamber to improve the combustion and ignition processes. Glow plugs may also be used, which can help a cold engine get to a higher temperature, which ignites the fuel.

Generally, modern engines are controlled with an ECM computer. The vehicle also has a variety of sensors to measure almost everything. Therefore, glow plugs aren’t as common or needed. If you’re in need of diesel fuel injectors in Queensland, you may be wondering where to go to buy them or have them installed. Luckily, Emerald Diesel Pump & Injector Service can help. It features an online store where you can conveniently shop based on the product you need or make and model of the vehicle. Visit our website to start searching for your parts or learn more about the services provided.

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