Essential Oil – Nature’s Elixir

If you use or have an interest in natural products, you have most likely come across products and ingredients known as “essential oils”. It is important to understand exactly what essential oils are so that you can confidently select high quality, safe and effective products.

Put simply, essential oils are obtained by distilling plants. These oils are derived from the nut, seed, or kernel of a plant and undergo a process that crafts the final product – a highly concentrated, powerful and potent oil. Before you begin your journey of discovering the many essential oils available to customers in Australia, it is important to understand the origin of these oils, how they work and their benefits.
One of the most fascinating facts about these oils is that when they are applied to the skin, they are easily absorbed and travel through the bloodstream, delivering benefits to the whole body. Keep in mind that some essential oils are not intended to be applied directly to the body. Instead, these powerful essential oils should be combined with a type of “carrier oil”. Carrier oils are gentle and effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils to the skin without causing irritation. In addition to the topical application through rubbing and massaging, essential oils can be diffused through the air or in some cases, even ingested in pill form. Oral consumption of essential oils can be dangerous if you are not well-informed, so it is always best to seek a professional’s opinion before ingesting and essential oil.
The secret to an effective essential oil is its origin, the way that it is created, handled and finally, delivered as a product to consumers. N Essential is one of Australia’s most renowned essential oil suppliers and we offer more than 60 types of oils and accompanying products such as carrier oils, bottles, pipettes, and much more. Choosing an Australian-based supplier gives you the peace of mind in knowing that the oils you receive come from credible sources, while also allowing you to communicate directly with our team, who are here to help you better understand essential oils. Visit the N Essential website or contact us for essential oils advice, healthy beauty product recipes and more information about where to buy these powerful products.  

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