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Hire a Marquee for All Your Outdoor Celebrations

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Business

Partying throughout the day in the blazing sunshine, tucking into barbecued feasts cooked right before your very eyes, star-gazing when the atmosphere dies down and the sun sets – there are so many advantages associated with outdoor celebrations. Fetes, fairs, birthday gatherings, weddings and charity fundraisers are just a few examples of the happenings that may call for marquee hire. Whether you choose to rent a tent that can be used to increase the size of your existing property and accommodate thousands of guests, or simply to reduce the risks of poor weather affecting the outcome of the bash, a marquee from Harts Party Hire will offer the following benefits.

Enjoy a Greater Level of Freedom

The freedom that you will get when you hire a marquee is a lot more than you may get if you were to rent a different kind of venue, because you will have the opportunity to select whatever size you want. This means that should you plan on inviting a large group, you can make them feel comfortable. In addition to this, a marquee tent can be positioned wherever you desire, so long as there is adequate space and accessibility.

Decorate the Marquee in Many Ways

From wall and ceiling decorations that can create the illusion of extra height, to special lighting effects and furnishings, there are multifarious ways in which you can give the marquee a personal touch. Remember to stick to those all-important Feng Shui rules when arranging furniture if you want to set the right ambiance. For example, chairs should be arranged around a circular table so as to encourage guests to converse with one another and if there will be a meeting, discussion or lecture taking place at the outdoor event, seating should be positioned in rows facing the focal point. For a quirky touch, introduce inflatables.

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