Why Implement Silt Curtains on Projects

Silt curtains are essential when working on construction projects. They prevent pollution to marine life and float in the waterways. They contain any mobilised soil and keep turbidity levels lower. They also prevent the water from getting cloudy. Whether you’re using them in open water or to deflect debris, you can find a variety of options. Some of them can even contain oil in case of leakage.

Silt curtains have many benefits, and you may want to consider using them for all future projects, especially if it’s near the water. For one, they help to maintain a cleaner environment. As a construction pro, it is your job to protect the environment as best you can. However, it is sometimes difficult to do when you’re dealing with a large project. Therefore, when working around sensitive habitats, you can secure these curtains and keep the marine ecosystem safe.

While some people worry that the curtain is too expensive, they are most cost-effective than all the fines you could be required to pay if you damage an ecosystem. Plus, these curtains are easy to install, which means you probably won’t need a professional to install them for you.

At EcoSpill, they know that construction is essential to build new things and create comfortable spaces, but sediment control is also necessary. You must ensure that you’re not causing issues to the marine life near oceans and other waterways. Therefore, silt curtains are essential, and you can purchase them at EcoSpill. Their curtain booms are perfect for many applications, such as controlling sediment at construction sites, mine-tailing dams, controlling aquatic plants, and more. Plus, they’re made using the toughest Geofabric. They’re sold in 10-metre sections and comes with the appropriate ballast chain, so it’s all ready to deploy when you get it.

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