Orthodontics In Parramatta: Considerations

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Dental Care

When most people think of orthodontics in Parramatta, they initially think of braces and fixing crooked teeth. While that is a significant part of what happens, it’s not the only thing to consider. If you’re focused on braces and orthodontic care, you need to know all the benefits to determine if it’s best for you or your child.

For one, you can decrease your risk of oral diseases. When your teeth are straight, the deep crevices are reduced, which means bacteria can’t thrive as easily. These hiding places are the perfect place for bacteria to live because they can’t be cleaned with floss or toothbrushes well.

Orthodontics in Parramatta can also correct or reduce jaw issues and pain. In the past, dentists and orthodontists focused on shifting the teeth to the right places, even if it didn’t correct the bite. When you bite down with your teeth, they should touch and fit together, almost like a puzzle. If one piece is mangled or otherwise doesn’t fit, you can’t complete the work. The same applies to the teeth. If they all move to the right spots, but some are worn more than others, it causes undue stress to the jaw joints. This, in turn, can lead to TMJ symptoms and other issues.

At No Gaps Dental, they realise that parents of children and adults need to have straight teeth. While they have a variety of convenient locations available, they only offer orthodontic treatment at their Sydney Dental Clinic, as well as a few others. Most people think that teens have to get braces as a rite of passage. However, they don’t believe that’s the case. If your child needs orthodontics in Parramatta, they will get it, but it won’t be offered or required just because your child gets to a certain age.

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