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by | Jan 3, 2017 | Picture Frame Shop

Picture frames may not seem like an important aspect of a story or photograph, but it can make or break the memory if you don’t choose correctly. You’ve got a wide variety of choices, including double frames and various styles. Traditional pieces can pull together the entire room while more modern or funky styles can lend some lilt and fun to the room. Plus, you’ve got single frames, double frames, and multiple-frame options all in one.

How Did It Start?

Photographs have been around for centuries because people have always wanted to capture a particular moment. They either want something real that they can look at or just want to keep a memento of the occasion. This way, they can reminisce whenever they want to do so. Picture frames are also there to support and protect the memory. Age, moisture, humidity, and smoke can disintegrate the photo over time, but when it’s in a frame, it is protected and safe.

Likewise, frames can be used to individualise artwork, portraits, and other specialty items.

Use Them To Tell Your Story

Companies like Amarisco Framing & Mounting realise that people don’t just want to put a picture on a mantel and be done. They are starting to use these photographs to tell a story, whether it is of sadness, love, romance or something else.

You can select a spot on the wall or end table, adding multiple frames and pictures to showcase an entire life, if you choose. Some people take various photos of their wedding to show the beginning, middle, and ending, or add a new photo each year on their anniversary or birthday. The options are endless, but you can tell almost any story with just a few frames of high quality.

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