Podiatrist In Camberwell: Who Are They?

A podiatrist in Camberwell is a medical doctor who is devoted to treating the ankles, feet, and lower legs. They are unique because they receive specialty training from an appropriate college of podiatric medicine instead of entering into medical school. They possess a lot of knowledge of the human body, but they are only licensed to treat the lower legs and feet. Podiatrists can usually prescribe medications, perform surgical procedures, set fractures, and utilise imaging tests for diagnostics. Many times, they work with other medical doctors to treat secondary symptoms of primary diseases, such as diabetes complications of the feet.

A podiatrist in Camberwell can treat a variety of conditions and issues. They can deal with anything relating to the joints, bones, muscles, skin, nerves, connective tissues, and circulation of the feet and legs. They can help with arthritis, diabetes-related foot problems, ankle and foot injuries, foot deformities, arch and heel pain, skin and nail issues, sports injuries, and much more. The diagnosis of your problem usually includes a review of your symptoms and medical history. Then, other diagnostic tools may be used, including blood tests, arthrography, bone scans, ultrasound, reflex/flexibility tests, joint aspiration, and much more.

Adept Podiatry offers many services to its clients, and Dr Peter Moate is a podiatrist in Camberwell who cares about your needs. He is available to help children and adults of all ages, so you never have to worry about whether or not he can help. He offers many treatment options based on your symptoms and needs. Whether you’ve got an ingrown toe nail, have foot pain all the time, or twisted/broke your ankle, he can help you. He can also prescribe medication and offers minor surgical procedures, though he focuses on the root of the problem before anything else so that you get a more holistic approach to foot care.

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