Removalists – For Your Stress-Free Move

Moving to a new home or office is a major project that can be stressful and challenging. It’s best to plan for and manage the move throughout the process, making for a more stress-free move. Removalists can help you do this because their primary objective is to pack everything, get it sorted by room, and get it in the van and to your new location.

What They Handle

They can help with almost everything in your home, including electronics. However, companies like Better Home Removals, and many other removalists, cannot transport hazardous chemicals, such as pesticides, gas bottles, and aerosols. Therefore, if you have hairspray, bug spray and other chemicals, such as bleach, you should use it up before the move or transport it yourself if safe and appropriate to do so. Otherwise, you may choose to donate it or give it to your current neighbours.

Otherwise, they can help with computers and laptops, safes, televisions, bookshelves, beds and mattresses, furniture, and everything else.

Packing Appropriately

Removalists know how to pack everything to ensure safety. Plus, they will pack in such a way to reduce the amount of boxes and packing materials necessary. While you can choose to pack it all yourself and use them for the actual move, they may not offer insurance if you do so.

It is best to let the removalist pack everything and move it for you. That way, you will be eligible for insurance and can rest assured knowing that the most stressful part of moving is taken care of for you.

How To Choose

The best way to select a removalist is to search online. Select two or three choices so that you can compare them. Then, determine what others are saying, how easy it is to find information, and read through some of their blogs or tips.

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