Using Safety Cabinets To Store Chemicals

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Business

Whether you work in the industrial or manufacturing industry, you may need to handle chemicals and other materials that could pose harm or problems. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have the right safety cabinets available to store all the items you regularly use. While sometimes a traditional shelf made of metal can work, a cabinet can be used to store various types of chemicals and other items.

Not General Storage

A safety cabinet isn’t used for general purposes, such as holding toner or other products. It is important to know how to use the safety cabinets to ensure maximum security and not to waste money. Buying one of these cabinets for general use can be possible, but will cost more than necessary. Instead, focus on using these storage facilities for dangerous chemicals.

How To Use Them

It is important to determine how many different chemicals you work with daily (or have onsite). Flammables, pesticides, combustibles, corrosives and others should all be kept separate from each other. Certain chemicals and products must be kept separate from themselves, such as gas cylinders and the like. It is important that you understand how to store them safely and securely before choosing the cabinet.


The next step is to determine where you’ll place these cabinets. In most cases, they should be in a temperature-controlled area that doesn’t receive direct sunlight. While they can be in a darkened room or area, they cannot be kept below a sink or underneath anything else. They should be readily available and safe, above all else.


Metal is clearly the most popular choice for building safety cabinets, but you can use other materials. EcoSpill offers a variety of safety cabinets that can safely store chemicals in various materials, including wood and polyethylene. Like us on Facebook.

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