3 Attractions to Look Forward to on Flights to China

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Travel and Vacations

Flights to China from anywhere in Australia will take around 12 hours, possibly longer, to complete. If we are embarking on a holiday to China, it would make sense to pass the time reading about some of the highlights we can expect to see while there.

The country offers many natural sights to look forward to, such as the Yellow Mountains or Mount Huangshan. However, some of its best-known sights are those that have been built by man.

The Great Wall of China

Many who embark on flights to China may look out of the plane window to see the Great Wall as they pass over it. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous the world over. Most of the wall as it stands today dates from the Ming Dynasty, which began in the mid-1300s.

Forbidden City

Located in Beijing, near the airport welcoming many flights to China, this famous complex dates from the early 1400s. It sits within the heart of Beijing, offering us a chance to look at its superb architecture, as seen in over 900 separate buildings on the complex.

Terracotta Army

The third UNESCO World Heritage Site on our list, the Terracotta Army is the name given to a stunning collection of soldiers created as funerary art in Shaanxi Province. Exact numbers are unknown, but thousands of figures are thought to be included in the stunning display. They date from around 246 BC, although they were long forgotten before being discovered again in 1974. Today, we can see them as terracotta figures, although they would originally have been painted.

There are many other highlights for us to look forward to when travelling to China. However, it would be a shame if we missed out on the three mentioned above.

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