Things to Consider When Booking Bali Flights and Accommodation

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Travel and Vacations

Bali, an island in Indonesia, is popular among many holidaymakers. It offers everything from a relaxing beach-based holiday to a more active break. Climbing, hiking, and diving are all popular there. This means we must consider three crucial elements before we book our Bali flights and accommodation. In doing so, we’ll find it easier to discover the best deal.

Type of Holiday

The type of holiday we wish to have will help us find a good deal. For example, would an exotic break suit us better than a holiday filled with action and adventure?

Some packages are designed to appeal to beach lovers, while others are situated in areas offering more challenging breaks. For instance, the volcano Mount Batur is situated towards the east of the island. Accommodation close to that location would be a good idea if we wanted to take part in tours or trekking.

Length of Stay

This may tie in with the third point we mention below. The longer the break, the more time we have available to explore. This means we have more options on where to stay. Being close to the attractions and areas we wish to visit isn’t as important. If we intend to stay for just a few days, however, it’s better to choose accommodation that’s close to all the areas we want to check out.


A package deal often represents better value for money than booking everything separately. It also provides an easier way to make sure we have all the information in one place, with one source to contact if we need assistance. We simply need to find the best and most affordable package including Bali flights and accommodation that isn’t too expensive. Last-minute deals can also prove cheaper than booking everything on our own.

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