Conducting a Bed Bug Treatment for a Happy and Healthier Home

Have you noticed trails of spots leading up your hands, arms, legs or other parts of the body? Of course, blemishes could be the result of anything, from an allergic reaction to insect bites. However, if the marks tend to be in a pattern or in a line and are incredibly itchy, chances are bed bugs have been feeding on you. It’s not a nice thought, but not to worry too much, because these pests do not carry diseases. However, they can live for a long time without feeding and what’s worse, they can breed at a rapid rate. Killing them with chemical bug sprays is a troublesome task, which is why a bed bug treatment specialist should be called in. Let’s find out more about these services and the methods used to prevent the problem from recurring.

Preparing the Home for Extermination

There are some steps you should take in the mission to banish bed bugs from the home. In order to prepare the home for extermination, the layout and floor plan will be examined, so that any fixtures or obstructions, such as furniture and walls, can be worked around or removed. Anything that needs to be dry cleaned and steamed, like bed linen and mattress covers, should also be removed prior to the pest control experts visiting. In addition to this, closets should be emptied, objects will be removed from the perimeter of the room and any wooden storage boxes, shelves or cupboards must be cleared out, as these tend to be the places where bed bugs hide.

After-Care Following a Bed Bug Treatment

Hopefully, the bed bug treatment will be a success and the critters will keep their distance. With that being said, there is always the slight risk that they might return. In this case, an after-care plan should be put into place. This will involve steaming and dry cleaning textiles on a regular basis and spritzing a little bit of bug spray around the home from time-to-time.

Finding a Pest Control Company

When you are ready to get a bed bug treatment organised by a pest control company, take to the Internet to locate tradespeople in your area. Recommended tradespeople will be listed online, as well as reviews from previous customers. Make sure the pest control experts hold valid licenses and are registered to work in commercial and residential spaces.

A bed bug treatment can be completed with confidence by the team at Pink Pest Services. Call 1300 132 062 for a service price from the specialist team.

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