Termite Control – Is it Disaster or Just Average?

The eusocial insects that are termites cause millions of dollars of structural damage around the globe every single year, and Australia is no exception. With so many different types of termites out there, it can sometimes be a challenge trying to identify them. However, it is fairly easy to notice the signs of an invasion, such as holes in wood, saw dust covering surfaces and piles of wings on the ground or near wooded areas. Dampwood termites, Formosan termites, subterranean termites and drywood termites tend to be the most common critters, but exactly how disastrous is an insect invasion of this kind? Let’s find out.

Dangers of Termites

You may think that termites are just wood-eating insects and while they are just that, they can cause a wide range of dangers to human health and safety. If termite colonies grow at a rapid rate (with some colonies exceeding 60,000) they can munch through 40 centimetres of wood in just two weeks, if not more! This could result in wooden structures weakening or breaking completely. While termites will only attack other insects and not humans, it is possible that someone with asthma may suffer an attack if in the presence of termite colonies.

Finding a Professional Pest Control Company

If you believe that termites are causing a big problem and need to be dealt with before the issue worsens, get in contact with a termite control company, such as RIP Pest Control. Various methods of termite control will be carried out by people in this field, but not before an initial inspection is performed to ascertain where the problem lies and how severe it is. Common methods of termite extermination include termite baits and traps, termite bonds, physical termite barriers (to prevent termites from entering the home in the first place), poisons, chemicals and natural sprays.

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