Interior Decorators Prefer LED Lighting

The desire for better light sources and the abilities of technology have made it possible to have LED lights in many areas of the home. While traditional incandescent lights are still popular and fluorescent light can be used in a variety of situations, LED lights are still an excellent option for saving energy and providing the same brightness. LEDs are the prime choice among many interior decorators because of the features and options available.

The Flexible Strip

LEDs are found everywhere, from torches to mini stick-up lights. However, the newest option is the flexible LED strip, available from Australian Lighting. These strips can be placed almost anywhere with no trouble and can produce the same amount of light as others. Likewise, they’re low profile and won’t take away from whatever is being showcased. They’re primarily used for cabinets, as they can be placed underneath to give light to countertops, or on top to showcase intricate woodworking.


While most people think of art and other objects as decorations, many people now turn to lighting as a way to highlight areas and decorate. You can showcase a painting more attractively or add a touch of functionality to your decorations.

You can now find a variety of colours available with LED lighting, making it perfect for mood lighting and matching décor of the room.

Likewise, LEDs use less energy, which can save you money and won’t heat up the house as traditional lights can do.
Places To Use Them

Interior decorators everywhere have loved to use flexible LED strips underneath cabinets, but they can also be used on bookshelves to illuminate the titles, garden patios for evening parties and on ceilings to bring light down to the rest of the area. Likewise, it can be placed behind furniture to create ambiance.

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