Tips For Homeowners: Home Window Repair

When it comes to windows, most people think they have to replace it when it breaks. However, home window repair is an excellent alternative for homeowners, especially when the repair is small. Repairing something means salvaging the part that isn’t broken and replacing the part that is broken. Repairs for home windows may not be as difficult as you may think, though there can be a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, and a multitude of techniques.


Window repairs can include replacing the window glass, replacing the screen in a metal or wood frame, repairing sashes, replacing corner joints, repairing window sills, replacing casement windows and much more.


Many people prefer to take care of things themselves, especially when it comes to their house. However, it can be tough to repair windows, especially if you’re new and don’t have the skills necessary. Your best bet is to hire the professionals at Central Glass & Aluminium, as they have the expertise to do things correctly.

If you do plan to do it yourself, you should understand some of the common problems associated with window repair for the home. You’ll need basic knowledge about the broken glass and which windows don’t open/close. If it’s something more than that, you’re likely to need professional help.

Broken Glass

If a window has broken glass, you should remove the sash and lay it somewhere safe. You should remove the rest of the glass safely and carefully, and then take off the metal fasteners or glazing points. Then, you’ll use a fast-drying paint primer, apply thin beads of caulk on the frame line and insert the new glass. You’ll apply a glazing compound and scrape off the excess once it’s dry. Then, you can put the sash back on and rehang the window. Because of the lengthy process and the need for specialty tools, it’s usually best to hire someone.

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