Is The Extra Cost of Bifold Windows Worth It?

Primarily, the common materials used for manufacturing bifold windows include timber, PVC, and aluminium. All three options are exceptional, though wood is considered the most traditional option. However, aluminium options are considered more superior. If you’re considering bifold windows, you should consider all three options and determine if the extra cost is worth it to you.


Whilst more traditional, wood is considered a novice’s choice. It looks excellent and can add a look of warmth to the home, but it doesn’t work well in humidity or sunlight. If you’re determined to have timber, you want a quality one, which will cost more.


Aluminium is considered the highest quality option because it will last for years, requires little to no maintenance and can match your home’s colour scheme. However, because of its higher quality, it will cost more. Clearview Innovative Window Solutions provides this option for bifold windows because of its superior quality. Because it can be powdered coated to meet almost any colour, it is the choice of many. Most do believe that the extra cost is worth it, especially because you’ll notice added protection, low maintenance, and easy cleaning options.


PVC options are usually higher in price than timber, but that could be because they are marked up more. If you’re going to select PVC, consider a company that you trust to provide you with a good deal. You may want to look up prices of PVC bifold windows in your area to determine what a fair price is and then shop around for comparable companies.

In short, most people prefer aluminium options rather than others. They require less maintenance, are less likely to buckle or warp and aren’t as flimsy as other choices that you could make.

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