What to Look Out For In Second Hand Tyres

Car tyres – without them, your vehicle would be unable to perform all that well and it would cause a serious safety hazard. Every type of vehicle, from sports cars to 4×4’s, will be fitted with tyres of a certain specification. Designed to improve traction, stopping distance and handling, rubber tyres are available with varying tread depths and tread patterns. To ensure your ride is able to perform well on both wet and dry surfaces, consider investing in second hand tyres, but not before focusing on the basics of pre-owned tyre shopping.

Good Signs

A supplier of second hand tyres should know which of their stock has been used before and which stock is brand new, so as not to sell customers the wrong products. With that being said, you should look for second hand tyres that are clearly marked as ‘part worn’. In addition to this, the tyres should clearly indicate their speed rating, load rating, design and the specific type. In the event that they are set to be sold on the rim, the supplier should perform an internal inspection of the tyre to make sure that no internal damage has occurred in the past. Failure to spot this could be lethal!

Warning Signs

While there are many good things you ought to look for, there are also some warning signs to pay attention to. For example, it’s best to refrain from buying second hand tyres if the sidewall is bulging or if the rubber is split and cracking. Penetrated tyres will indicate that the structure has been damaged and therefore if this has not been repaired, your safety (and the safety of others) will be at risk. Never buy tyres that have an exposed internal cord and be on the lookout for cuts that extend longer than 25mm.

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