Reasons to Choose Cam Lock Hose Fittings

Factories and other industrial settings usually use machinery that has hoses that must be connected and the various machines to get the equipment to work correctly. Hoses have to be connected properly to ensure that everything runs smoothly. While there are many devices that can do the job and many people use hose fittings to hold the hoses in place, there’s another option. Cam lock hose fittings, also called quick-connect fittings are perfect for most applications.

More Secure

The last thing you need in the factory is for the hoses to come loose or disconnect at the wrong moment. Many connections and fitting options can come apart when they get too worn out, or they incur too much pressure. However, this isn’t likely to happen with cam lock fittings because they use safety pins to hold the hoses together. Even if the fitting becomes disconnected, they still stay together until someone can shut off the machine and safely reconnect them. Therefore, you get one more layer of security to prevent leaks or damage to your equipment.

Quickly Disconnect/Connect

Regardless of where you work or what you do, time is money. When you spend more time switching hoses out, you lose time that you could be doing other, more important tasks. You slow down production because you’re constantly switching out hoses and may end up paying employees more or having them work longer to complete their tasks. When you choose quick-disconnect couplings, you can get in and out quickly, disconnecting and reconnecting as often as needed. That way, you don’t slow down or halt production and can keep up with demand. While not all camlocks are quick-disconnect, you can find them and should look for them to help you work smarter and not harder.

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