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Receding Gums Treatment: Necessity

by | May 29, 2018 | Dental Care

One of the best habits to develop early in life is maintaining good oral health. It’s vital to learn about regular brushing, flossing, and healthy eating to avoid a lot of the preventable dental problems. It is also a must to visit a dentist once or twice a year for routine examinations.

One of the conditions you must watch out for is when your gum-line begins to diminish. You should be able to identify this just by looking in the mirror. Some of the causes are periodontal disease, your genes, abrasive brushing techniques, poor dental care, hormonal changes, chewing tobacco, grinding the teeth, and having crooked teeth. Some of these causes are within your control and others are not, but either way, it’s important that you receive receding gums treatment as soon as possible.

To restore your gum-line and prevent further damage to your gum and teeth, you need a receding gums treatment method that is effective. You can either consider the more traditional method of gum grafting. In this method, a donor tissue of gum graft is sutured from your palate and placed on the gum-line to rebuild it. This has yielded positive results but is an invasive alternative and therefore needs more time to heal. You can also opt for the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) which does not involve grafting or any scalpels. It is more comfortable and heals faster than gum grafting. In this method, a small pinhole is made in the gum tissue using a needle. Through this, instruments are inserted to help loosen and expand the gum-line.

If you are looking for a great treatment option, you can visit one of the National Periodontics locations in Southern Australia. There you are assured of professional service, modern and effective treatment options, and great results. Many people delay getting treatment because they are wary about surgery, cuts, and other invasive treatment options. With the PST treatment available, you don’t have to experience much discomfort. Get receding gums treatment to restore your oral health and prevent future problems such as tooth decay.

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