Shower Screens Go Well With Pretty Much Any Bathroom Style and Design

Do you ever think about the potential your bathroom has when you consider performing a home renovation? Not many people do, because the bathroom isn’t a room you’d usually hang out in. It has a sole purpose, whereas other rooms in the home are multi-purpose. Take living rooms for example – they can be used for relaxing, entertaining and even dining, if you are willing to introduce a table and chairs that is. Updating the bathroom is a good way of increasing property value and its overall appeal. Investing in shower screens is a good idea, not only because they go well with pretty much any bathroom style but also, because they are low-maintenance and non-invasive. Let’s find out more about why they are a desirable choice.

They Are Customisable

Not everyone has the same sense of style and this is why shower screens are such a good investment. The screens are customisable, so if you have any requests relating to the colour of the glass, the size of the screens, and the patterns or etchings on the glass, simply let the manufacturers know. Once they are aware, they will be able to customise the screen to suit your requirements. Frosted glass is a good idea if you want to add an element of privacy to the bathroom, whereas stained or patterned glass will add aesthetic appeal.

They Are Versatile

Shower panels are extremely versatile, making them a popular option in homes and in hotels or places where the occupants of a building might use shared bathroom facilities. Marble, sparkle and granite finishes can usually be applied to the shower screens and there is the option to choose a specific type of grout, too. Waterproof, a shower screen can be cut to your preferred size and can be matched with the shower tray and the vanity tops in your bathroom.

They Are Elegant

You can make shower screens the focal point of a room, but you can also carefully choose screens that blend seamlessly with the existing style of the bathroom. An elegant touch that will be as timeless as it will attractive, these screens will prevent water splashes from creating water marks on the tiles. In addition to this, they will keep the tile grout in good condition. Be sure to ask about sanitary grade silicone, as this is an alternative to grout and it tends to maintain its appearance and condition for longer than grout does.

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