Stainless Steel IBC Tanks: Essential Benefits

While many industries and farmers prefer to use standard cylindrical drums to transport/store granulates and liquids, more and more people are turning to stainless steel IBC tanks. These totes are a more effective option because they offer more storage utilisation.

When considering tanks, these IBC versions have more storage capacity. Along with such, they can be stacked four-high while drums can only be three-high stacks. The drums themselves can also use more space, depending on the size. For example, if you have six 247.5-litre drums, you use more space than one 1500-litre tank and both products can hold about the same amount of liquid or granules.

Stainless steel IBC tanks are more environmentally friendly, as well. For one, you can drain them almost completely, which leaves no wastage. You can also empty them faster if you have a discharge valve and won’t require a pump. However, if you do purchase a pump, they can be emptied even faster. Drums aren’t the same because each one has to be opened and drained with a pump. You also get a residue-free finish because steel doesn’t allow product residue to stay. Just a quick run-through with water is enough, and you can then fill it with any other liquid required.

At Tank Management Services, they offer a variety of brands and products to ensure that you have everything necessary to complete your job. Whether you’re the owner of a company or own a farm, you need to have appropriate storage and transportation tanks so that you can take any liquids with you. Along with such, you may need replacement parts and may find their accessories are excellent. Stainless steel IBC tanks are perfect for a variety of applications, allowing you to have a solidly made product that is designed to last.

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